Registry Wedding

Being a VCANZ celebrant this allows me to do registry weddings. I am happy to travel to any location in the Wellington/Hutt Valley district and to the venue of your choice be it a local hall, beach, park or even your home. I will be happy to give advice on a choice of venue.

Cost of a registry wedding is $240 in total.  $150 goes towards the cost of your marriage licence and $90 to the celebrant officiating your ceremony. Click here for more information regarding registry weddings.

Personalised Ceremony

For those who want a small simple ceremony, with a personal touch, at your choice of venue.  A simple ceremony will be written for you following a face to face meeting. You have a choice of writing your own personal vows or I can support you to write them. A dress rehearsal can be scheduled at your request. POA

Bespoke Ceremony

Fully personalised for you and your partner. Two face to face meetings and a dress rehearsal the day before your wedding at the venue are included. The ceremony will be written to tell you and your partner’s love story with warmth and humour. I will help you create the wedding of your dreams. POA


This is a subject that a lot of people are not fond of discussing and yet it really is celebrating someone’s life and the joy they have brought to you, your family and friends.

A funeral is a time to look back on an amazing person and what they have meant to you.
The memories you have, the tears and laughter, the caring and the joy we have for one another.

There are many types of funerals and the first thing you would need to check is what your person wanted to have happen to them. If you haven’t already then this is something you may wish to put into writing or ensure a number of family and friends are aware of what you would like to happen to you.

It could be you would like to be buried or cremated. You may not want a service but just a party celebrating your life. Some people who are aware they are ending their time on earth like to have a living funeral which gives them a chance to say good bye.

If you would like me to do a service or if this is a subject you would like to discuss and know more about what is available to you please contact me


When a child is born it is a great time of joy and we all love a great celebration. There are a number of ways to do this so we can include the whole family.

You may want to return the placenta (Whenua) back to the land as a gift to mother earth, sometimes placing a tree on top as a symbol of new beginnings.
You may want to have a jar of wishes or wishes written on back of butterflies spread around the garden for families to collect and place in an album for the new born to look at when they are old enough to understand.

Whatever the ceremony I would love to spend time with you and your family celebrating the birth of something new.

House Blessing

We perform House blessings often when we move into new homes, but they can be performed at any time and for any reason.

Sometimes they are performed to heal or cleanse a space or a house after an unfortunate occurrence in a house, or to protect those with in a house from any misfortunes.

This can be religious as well and covers many faiths and beliefs eg: Christian, Jewish, Hindu and Islamic to name a few.

It could be that you just want to have a blessing to invite friends and families in to show off your home for the first time and sit down to a meal afterwards.

Whether you come to visit or you come to rest
When you enter our home you will be blessed
When you enter with love, laughter and fun
You know you will always be welcomed


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