Thank you for making it so special. The ceremony was beautiful and many of our guests remarked on how lovely it was so that a direct credit to you!

N&B January 2020

Many thanks for conducting our ceremony. You provided the simple, no nonsense, and down to earth ceremony we wanted. You were easy to deal with and accommodating.

M&A March 2020

Thank you for the awesome ceremony you put together for my daughter today. I love the way you included my sons in the ceremony and it made them feel special. I can’t wait for my daughter to grow up to read all the awesome messages she received from my family and friends today.

S&B 2019

Thanks so much for the input you gave us during the sudden death of my husband’s mother. Your caring approach and the provision of appropriate books to guide us through the decision making process for funerals were invaluable. This support ensured that it was both culturally appropriate and that the messaging was meaningful.

Thanks so much, W&L


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